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labor lawyer LausanneThe labor lawyer Lausanne defends the rights of employees against unfair employer practices. There was a time when employees had no rights in the workplace and if employers discriminated against an employee the employee had no legal recourse. But today the employee can sue his employer and receive not only compensation but also punitive damages.

Punitive damages are damages awarded by the court to the plaintiff that are meant to penalize the defendant for his actions that were deemed to violate the plaintiff’s rights. In the past it was easy for employers to intimidate their workers because the worker depended on the employer for his paycheck. But today if an employee believes that he is being treated unfairly, is being discriminated against, or believes his employer is violating the law, he can speak out without fear of retaliation.

There are many ways to find a competent lawyer but the employee should be careful about asking co-workers for advice because false rumors can spread around the work place. The internet is a good place to begin searching for a competent labor lawyer because his or her web page will have important information about his or her legal experience.

Contact the bar association and ask for a list of competent work place law attorneys. The bar association’s primary function is to help the public find the right attorney based on the needs of the person seeking a referral. Explain the nature of the situation to the bar representative and the representative will provide a list of attorneys who specialize in work place legal issues.

Once a list of lawyers has been put together set up initial consultations. A lot of lawyers offer no cost no obligation consultations. Get a feel of the law office and the law office staff and ask a lot of questions of the attorney.

It is imperative to feel comfortable with the lawyer because the client and attorney will work closely together on the case. Many lawyers turn the brunt of the paperwork and legal research over to a paralegal which is fine. But ask to meet the paralegal and ask about the paralegal’s experience before hiring the attorney.

Lawyers represent employees when employees believe that they have been victims of age discrimination, race discrimination, gender discrimination, or any situation where the worker feels his rights have been violated. Whistle blower laws prevent employers from penalizing an employee who reports work safety violations and is one of most important protections employees have. The employer who penalizes a worker for reporting a work area safety violation to regulatory officials can be sued by the employee and be liable for a compensatory damages.

The labor lawyer Lausanne defends the legal rights of people in the work place. Employees who believe that their rights have been transgressed by their employer should speak with a competent lawyer who will hear the facts and counsel the worker about his or her legal rights and options. The employee should not feel intimidated by his employer if the employee’s rights are being transgressed.

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