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My Vocation as an Emergency Vet in Geneva

My vocation as an emergency vet in the Geneva area really began years ago, when I was a child, under the friendship of a pet dog named Prince. He was a beautiful, inside and out; a childhood companion that anyone would be privileged to know. Unfortunately, due to a broken chain in the vet emergency in Geneva system, my time spent with him was too short.

Prince became ill. A trip to his veterinarian was beneficial, but regrettably, his health declined only hours after leaving. By that time, Prince’s regular clinic was closed. We had to find an emergency vet clinic in Geneva, and fast.

My dog had to be treated by an unfamiliar emergency vet hospital in Geneva. We didn’t know the doctor. The doctor didn’t know Prince, his history, or the specifics of his illness. We were all worried, to say the least.

To make the situation worse, Prince became even more ill in the days to come. In the dark of night, we returned to the veterinary emergency facility in Geneva again, but a different doctor was on duty. Prince was, once again, seen by a doctor who wasn’t privy to essential information. Because of this, Prince perished.

Cabinet Veterinaire International’s mission is to treat animals of all ages with a wide range of preventative, diagnostic, and treatment services, including holistics, dental care, surgery, microchip injection, cat kenneling, grooming, and even an onsite pharmacy and laboratory. Additionally, I make emergency vet care for Geneva available 24 hours a day because the memory of Prince is still vividly etched in my mind. My vocation as an emergency veterinary doctor in Geneva is driven by his memory, particularly when I assist worried pet owners in the veterinary emergency realm in Geneva.

A pet owner should never have to watch their beloved friend perish unnecessarily. Instead, their pet’s routine care provider should also be their source for vet emergency care in Geneva.

I miss you Prince. Your memory was with me when I traveled abroad, as I amassed the knowledge necessary to serve the animals of Switzerland, and as I make certain that Cabinet Veterinaire International’s equipment is the best available. Your life ended too soon, but I’ve made it my vocation to save others.

“Prince’s life could have been saved.” That single statement drives me to provide vet emergency care in Geneva that is unmatched. I only wish that Prince could join me here, in vet emergency territory in Geneva.

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