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Emergency Vet in Geneva: Journey from Loss to Success

I was recently asked how I came to take on the responsibility of being an emergency vet in the Geneva area. There are the long hours, the unpredictable schedule, and the profound commitment to serving animals and their owners. After thinking, I came upon the answer to the question: Prince. He was my first dog. He passed away as the result of a poorly executed vet emergency treatment sequence in Geneva. That was where my journey into emergency vet territory in Geneva began.

Prince, my beloved shepherd mix, was having some strange symptoms. He was seen by his regular veterinarian during daytime hours, and all seemed like it would be well. However, by the following evening, Prince was deathly ill. It was a true vet emergency in Geneva.

My family discovered that Prince’s regular veterinarian was not a vet emergency provider for Geneva; therefore, Prince had to be taken to an outside emergency vet hospital in Geneva, where he was seen by a doctor whom we had never met and who had no access to Prince’s records.

The problem was compounded when Prince had to be seen at the emergency veterinary hospital in Geneva again, two nights later. This time, the doctor on call was again unfamiliar to us. He was also unfamiliar with Prince’s medical history. Valuable time was wasted. Prince didn’t make it.

Thinking back on those terrible days, it’s clear to me why I feel so compelled to offer continuity of care with emergency veterinary services in Geneva: I don’t want any pet owner to have to experience what I did. Along with services like grooming, cat boarding, microchipping, preventive medicine, tooth cleaning, tooth extraction, diagnoses with cutting edge equipment, natural treatment with holistic therapies, cardiac care, and veterinary surgery, I also offer pharmaceutical and laboratory services, as well as an emergency vet clinic near Geneva at Cabinet Veterinaire International.

No one who calls in a veterinary emergency from Geneva will be referred to another clinic; their pet will be seen at once by an emergency vet for Geneva at Cabinet Veterinaire International.

When I think back to my beloved pet Prince, I’m driven to offer every service your pet may ever need, including emergency vet clinic services in Geneva. I have ensured that Cabinet Veterinaire International is well equipped and have spent years studying abroad in order to bring a world’s worth of veterinary knowledge back to Switzerland.

I know how difficult it can be to lose a pet. I also know how simple emergency situations can be to mitigate, with a veterinary clinic that offers the standard as well as the extraordinary, in emergency vet for Geneva services.

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